'Life is Very Beautiful' by Fong Tai

‘Life is Very Beautiful’ by Fong Tai


Fong Tai – 戴群芳, Taiwan freelance photographer. This is her experimental photography project ‘Life is Very Beautiful’ for KOCK.

“Who are you?” In others eyes, “Who you are?”. It is a try to explore the thematic questions, but not just beautiful photos. Furthermore, I expect that the persons being photographed can reflect on it. Not just let the audience see themselves but also get the chances…

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'Her Sensual Morning' by Marina Chebanova

‘Her Sensual Morning’ by Marina Chebanova


Marina Chebanova is a fashion and beauty photographer from Sochi, based in Helsinki, Finland. Here is ‘Her Sensual Morning’ fashion editorial with model Alena Remshu.

俄羅斯籍時尚與美妝攝影師 Marina Chebanova 目前定居於芬蘭赫爾辛基。這是她與模特兒 Alena Remshu 合作的 ‘Her Sensual Morning’ 系列作品。 (more…)

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'Hotel Room' by Francesco Berardinelli

‘Hotel Room’ by Francesco Berardinelli


Francesco Berardinelli is an italian photographer from BERG + MANN studio, with art-director Emanuele Menduni (Mann). BERG + MANN has realized several campaigns and catalogues for national and international brands; their creative fashion editorials are regularly published on international magazines. Here is the ‘Hotel Room’ fashion editorial with model Snejana Shandarinova.

Photographer: Francesc…

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'Candy Girl' by Alex Aldegheri

‘Candy Girl’ by Alex Aldegheri


Italian photographer Alex Aldegheri thinks woman is the most beautiful form that can be photographed , but not rejection of a project with a man. And this time he works with gorgeous model Laura Anolfo for this ‘Candy Girl’ editorial. This is a simple sequence , taken with naturalness in the home to give you an idea of ” normality ” .

Art director & Photographer: Alex Aldegheri
Model: Laura…

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'Keep Dreaming' by Flavio Fabbri

‘Keep Dreaming’ by Flavio Fabbri


Flavio Fabbri is an Italian art-director at the Milan office of the Ogilvy worldwide agency and a freelance photographer. Here is his “Keep dreaming: is possible even in the greyness of a cold metropolis.” series of work.

“Dreaming is possible even in the grayness of a cold metropolis. The lines of the modern buildings, harsh and sharp, become our companions. A ray of sunshine and the dream comes…

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'Chloè Passoni' by Giacomo Rebecchi

‘Chloè Passoni’ by Giacomo Rebecchi


Editorial with Chloè Passoni by Giacomo Rebecchi. Italian photographer Giacomo Rebecchi based in Dossobuono, has been shot the gorgeous Chloè Passoni.

Photographer – Giacomo Rebecchi : Tumblr / Facebook
Model – Chloè Passoni

義大利攝影師 Giacomo Rebecchi 所拍攝的模特兒專題,由義大利模特兒 Chloè Passoni 演出。


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'It's Not The End' by Francesco Paoletti

‘It’s Not The End’ by Francesco Paoletti

its not the end-1

Our friend, Francesco Paoletti has done another great black & white series of works for KOCK, again. This time he went to the cemetery in Milan and capture the beauty of model Cristhall Bersan with lots of emotions.

“My reserch of create emotions out of nothing and create situation in place out of normality. push me into one of the best milano place. the cemetery of “CIMITERO MONUMENTALE”. we try…

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'Clay-More' by Miele Rancido & Reflexstudio

‘Clay-More’ by Miele Rancido & Reflexstudio


Last time we presented you italian model Miele Rancido‘s fashion editorial, this time she send us her latest nude art photography shot by Reflex Studio. This series focused on the power of body, they used pink raw material made of flour and pink pigments (even if they decided later to turn the pictures into black and white) to cover the whole body and we dried it, after that she had to move and…

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